Discover the portrait of Céline, Welder on the site of Pluguffan (Krampouz).

On the occasion of the Industry Week which takes place from November 21 to 27, let's discover the employees who contribute to the life of our industrial sites in France.


Industry is a passionate business, perhaps more so than in any other sector. Because it is a world of craftsmen - in the noble sense of the word - with thousand-year-old know-how. And passion is exactly what drives Céline Drouaillet.


What kind of work did you imagine yourself doing as a child?


I wanted to be a teacher! Yes, I saw myself in teaching. In any case, certainly not in the Industry.


And what made you change your mind?


It's simple, one day I met by chance someone who was doing welding. I wanted to try it, he showed me how. And I just loved it!


It was a revelation?


Yes, completely. I was in a Bachelor of Arts program. So I completely changed my path. I joined a welding course, for 9 months, via the Afpa. Very quickly, I found a job, to gain experience, until I changed region and... I applied for a job with the Group, at Krampouz.


In your opinion, what characterizes the site the most?


When I started, I had difficulties and there was a lot of benevolence from my colleagues. In the team, we stick together, we learn together, we help each other. There is a really good atmosphere in boiler making.


Let's go back to welding, a technical trade that is not necessarily known...


It's true! But it's a passion job, like many jobs in the Industry, by the way. To explain my daily life, I mainly weld plates for planchas, waffle irons and crepe makers.


Do you also do welding in your spare time?


Ahah! Want to know what I do on the weekends? Well yes, I do welding. I can even say it's a passion. Right now, I'm making an outdoor bar with stools, and also a boat barbecue!


So, you live from your passion...


Yes, you are right! In fact, what I like is that it is a very manual work. One of the trademarks of Krampouz is to always value the human gesture and precision work. For some of the more physical tasks, I think it's great that there are machines that facilitate our missions, it's very complementary to our work.


Are you proud of this taste for quality?


Let's just say that at Krampouz, we are proud of what we make. And in particular of the Billig. Because it is our emblematic product (and also my favorite one). It is a product that reflects our image: it is authentic, it is shared, and it invites the transmission of values and gestures!


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The Krampouz site - which means "crepe" in Breton - is historically turned towards the production of crepe makers. In the 1990s, the activity diversified, and very quickly, Krampouz became a major player in the production of precision cooking appliances... planchas, electric barbecues or grills. Since its takeover by Groupe SEB in 2019, the site has become a center of excellence and has embarked on new transformations to increase its production capacity and conquer new markets.

 10 000 
m2 of floor space
 100 000 
products manufactured
per year