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Manufacturing and industrialization

At Groupe SEB, we know that a mastery of innovation and our technologies, together with meeting our requirements in terms of safety, quality and respect for the environment, is possible thanks to us keeping manufacturing in house.

That is why we continue to develop our manufacturing base, which now numbers 41 plants around the world manufacturing more than two thirds of the products we sell. This strategic choice, which allows us to manufacture as close as possible to our markets in a globalized environment, motivates us to adapt on a daily basis, stay one step ahead of our competitors and meet the demands of our customers and end consumers. All this with one goal in mind: to meet the challenges of tomorrow. More than ever, our industrial success depends on our strategic vision and commitment to change. 

Driven by a culture of operational excellence, Groupe SEB’s men and women are fully committed to the challenges of the Industry of the Future, in order to sustain an adventure that has lasted for more than 150 years.

Quality Manager

I was attracted by the Group’s international dimension, its financial stability and above all its products – my family tests all of them! One of the Group’s key values? Group spirit. Even in Brazil, I really feel part of the Groupe SEB family thanks to a fantastic network of international colleagues on whom I can count.

of products manufactured
in house
industrial sites
more than 100 million
cookware products manufactured per year

Manufacturing and industrialization