The Silence Force Multi Cyclonic vacuum cleaner

The Silence Force Multi Cyclonic vacuum cleaner

High performance, low noise and great ergonomics

Rowenta vacuum cleaners are renowned for delivering on their promise of combining excellent cleaning performance and low noise. Since its European launch in September 2014, the new Silence Force Multi Cyclonic takes the promise even further: it’s the quietest multi-cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner on the market and it’s even more efficient and user friendly than its predecessors.

Launch coincided with new European regulations limiting the power of vacuum cleaners and introducing energy and performance labels. The Silence Force Multi Cyclonic boasts the highest rating, A, in dust pick-up performance on hard floors. On carpets it scores a C, an excellent rating on today’s market. Added to that, it has an A rating in dust-free emission, a real plus for people suffering from allergies or asthma.

The Silence Force Multi Cyclonic is brimming with innovations. Its high and constant cleaning performance is achieved thanks to 3-step air and dust separation and filtration technology, which ensures there is no loss of suction until the dust container is full. First the central cyclone separates the largest dust particles from the air and sends them to the dust container. Next, four lateral cycles separate out the smallest dust particles so that 98% of dust is captured in the container. Finally, microscopic dust is filtered by foam, metallic and HEPA (high efficiency particle air) filters, ensuring that no less than 99.98% of dust is trapped inside the machine!

At 68dB(A), the Multi Cyclonic’s low noise makes it much more comfortable to use than its main competitors, thanks to its 750 watt motor, its specially designed accessories and its regulated air outflow. And ergonomics go a step further with the specially developed Clean express™ Ergo System, which means the dust container can be removed and emptied with one hand and with no contact with the dust, for improved hygiene.

With its many advantages, the Silence Force Multi Cyclonic quickly got off to a strong start in the months after launch. In France and Turkey it has already played a major part in making Group SEB one of the biggest players in the bagless market  - and its success looks set to continue.

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