The NutriCook pressure cooker

The NutriCook pressure cooker

pressure cooker which combines health and pleasure

For over 50 years, Groupe SEB has been constantly reinventing pressure cookers. 1953 saw the advent of the “Cocotte-minute” (minute cooker) – a symbol of modernity –, then in 1994, the Clipso pressure cooker – catering for the practical dimension –, and in 2009, NutriCook, which flies the flag of health and pleasure.  Like other products in the Nutritious and Delicious range, NutriCook (Seb/ Tefal) falls in line with an approach based on healthy, tasty and practical cooking.

At the origin of this new generation pressure cooker lies extensive research on the behavior of nutrients. In association with external laboratories, the Group’s researchers conducted some one thousand tests which showed that meat, fish, vegetables and starchy foods need to be cooked differently to conserve a maximum of their nutritional and gustatory qualities. This was the basis of the design of the 4 NutriCook programs. For instance, green beans cooked in NutriCook are twice as rich in vitamin C than in a traditional pressure cooker and salmon contains an extra 25% omega 3. Moreover, each program ends with a gentle steaming stage so that the item is cooked through perfectly from the surface to the heart of the produce.

NutriCook took its first steps at the end of 2009 in France and in the Middle-East before starting its roll-out in Europe in 2010 and targeting North America, then Asia at the end of 2011. Like all products in the Nutritious and Delicious range, each launch begins by cleverly orchestrated buzz : the product is presented in a preview to nutritionists, doctors, chefs, journalists, etc. It is discussed on the Net, in trade shows, etc. And it works ! Especially since the Group’s sales teams strive to outdo one another with ingenuity when it comes to POS promotional events.

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