The Ambiance Repelente fan

The Ambiance Repelente fan

the anti-mosquito fan

In Brazil, fans are a very large segment of the small domestic appliances market. Bolstered by its local brand Arno, Groupe SEB is the uncontested leader in this field. In 2001, in light of the spread of dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease, the Brazilian teams came up with the idea of combining the fan function with the dispersion of a mosquito repellant. To examine the feasibility of such a project, close collaboration was required between R&D and Marketing specialists within the Brazilian subsidiary and their Strategic Marketing colleagues within the Group. This team work gave rise to the Ambiance Repelente fan in 2004, a real breakthrough in the fan sector.

First innovation : the patented anti-mosquito function which is a first on the Latin American market. Standard anti-mosquito pellets are inserted in a compartment at the back of the device; when in operation, the blades ensure that the product is effectively sprayed around the room. Ambiance Repelente has also broken the mold of market design codes : it is black, when white was omnipresent, and it has a triangular base with aerodynamic lines, which is again very innovative. Since 2005, the Brazilians have bought 200,000 models and 2007 sales totaled 300,000 units. When orders reached their peak, the São Paulo plant manufactured round the clock ! Since 2006, this fan has also been sold in Colombia, another important market on the continent… and there is still no direct competitor on the Brazilian market.

Ambiance Repelente has launched a new era of innovation for fans manufactured by the Group in Latin America : in 2008 with the launch of Laveo, which is washable and simple to disassemble, then in 2009 the launch of Turbo Silencio, which was considerably more powerful and silent than its rivals. The outcome : in 5 years, the Group’s market share has increased by over 10 points.

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