Bringing liberty to linen care

With Freemove, ironing has become tangle free. By removing the cord from its streamlined new steam iron, Tefal has made this household chore simpler and given a boost to the high-end steam iron category. Thanks to careful study of iron users’ movements in the design phase, Freemove is more comfortable to handle and more maneuverable than traditional irons, with no loss of power or steam output. It’s a combination that has made Freemove since launch in Western Europe, Japan and Russia in 2012, with sales doing especially well in France and Russia.

Freemove is a pioneer in Europe, where consumers use irons with power ratings of over 2000W. The idea of a cordless iron may seem simple, but making sure there is no loss of power compared to traditional irons (the latest Freemove model has a power rating of up to 2600W) required three years of Research & Development and the creation of a special “thermal” battery. Freemove also has patents for its ergonomic horizontal base and its special dome-shaped protective bumper.

As an appliance that innovates to make life easier, Freemove truly reflects the values of the Tefal brand and Groupe SEB. And the innovation doesn’t stop with the product itself. The Freemove campaign was the Group’s first digital launch, marked with a special effects video starring a bungee jumper jumping off a bridge without a cord! The clip featured on websites and blogs targeting a young, mainly female audience who could even map their face onto the video to simulate their own jump. Fun TV ads featuring people dancing as they iron helped boost sales in France and Russia, and Russian journalists were also treated to a Freemove dance show and went on to post their photos on a dedicated Instagram page.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s one more clear sign of Freemove’s success on the market: leading competitor Philips has just launched its own – lower performance – cordless iron!

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