Cuisine Companion

Cuisine Companion

Your multitalented kitchen assistant

It chops, mixes, beats and blends. It steams, boils, simmers and browns. Cuisine Companion can prepare a whole meal from starter to dessert, making it the ideal kitchen assistant for people who have a busy life, but love or need to cook. Little wonder then that the innovative new multi-function cooking food processor was a hit when it launched in France, outperforming initial targets in its first three months. Sales are also doing well in Italy Spain and Portugal after launch in 2014.

As well as combining culinary functions, Cuisine Companion combined the expertise of Groupe SEB’s R&D and Strategic Marketing teams, with their in-depth knowledge of Food Preparation and Electrical Cooking. To prepare for launch they began by developing a heating blender, the Soup & Co, as a first step, before going on to create Cuisine Companion, with six automatic preparation and cooking programs that make it easy to cook hundreds of recipes.

Cuisine Companion was the first cooking food processor to be on sale in stores when it launched in France in 2013, with its main competitor Thermomix available only through door-to-door sales. By 2014 it had snapped up a substantial share in the cooking food processor market.

That success was the result not only of its programs, its cooking temperature of up to 130°C and its dedicated tools, but also because of the buzz around the Cuisine Companion. Part of the buzz was generated by the new Companion Academy, a competition between some of France’s most influential cookery bloggers, who posted and tweeted as they cooked and after the event. Next, Darty stores marked the launch with a Companion Academy battle of the consumers, leading to more social media excitement. And the buzz continues: Cuisine Companion’s 24,000 French Facebook fans have created and swapped around 100 recipes and its website offers videos, services and up to a million different menus! 

Now the buzz looks set to spread around the world as Cuisine Companion launches in Germany, the Middle East, Australia and Switzerland in 2015, with many more countries to come.

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