Supply Chain & Purchasing
Supply Chain & Purchasing

Supply Chain & Purchasing

Combining quick thinking with quality.

From sales forecasts to platform management via procurement, supply chain management is key. And internationally, purchasing performance gives us a vital competitive edge. These activities are becoming ever more important, particularly as international trade is increasing in complexity and concerns around the environment are growing.

76% of our industrial and logistics units have Health & Safety standards that comply with OHSAS 18001 standards.

Our Supply Chain teams face a key challenge: optimising all traffic of materials, components and products so that the products get to the stores on time without generating unnecessary stock. Although they work in many different parts of the company, these teams are supervised by a Centralised Management team which promotes the consistency of physical and data traffic in the Group and standardises work tools and methods.

Heavily involved in product development, the Purchasing teams define our purchasing strategy and establish a list of approved suppliers for materials, components and finished products. They also negotiate contracts with them, regularly assess their performance in terms of cost, quality and deadlines, and make sure that they respect our social and environmental requirements.

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Supply Chain & Purchasing
Logistics Project Manager within the Corporate Supply Chain Department

Minh Huong

Processes are there to be improved. And we’re here to improve them. We meet with subsidiaries and business units to talk through and understand their issues, helping them take a step back and pass on the information and data. We often hold workshops where we present projects and make decisions. You need to enjoy teamwork and be humble and modest. However, self-belief is important too if you’re to gain buy-in for the new processes; as are the proactivity and flexibility to seize business opportunities early. For example, the versatile Tefal Actifry low-fat multi-cooker, which uses just a tablespoon of oil, worked so well that we had to add a second production line at the last minute!

What do I like most about my job? Meeting people in France and all over the world. The diverse and rich contacts give me experience and a global vision of the Group’s processes. It’s like having a magnifying glass and seeing everything up close. I love it.