Manufacturing & Industrialisation
Manufacturing & Industrialisation

Manufacturing & Industrialisation

A stand-out position.

Our strategy is unique in our sector. By preferring in-house production whenever possible, we retain control of key technologies. But whether they’re made by us or one of our suppliers, all our products are designed to the strictest quality, safety and environment standards.

Over two -thirds of our products are manufactured in our own factories in America, Asia and Europe – mainly France.

Our Methods and Industrialisation teams start the process off. They design and/or adapt the production lines and set up the appropriate equipment while keeping a close eye on costs, deadlines and quality. They also take care of workstation ergonomics and continuously improve installations.

Non-stop improvements are also the priority of our supervisory teams, from the Plant Manager to the Team Leaders. No strangers to change, our managers constantly introduce ways to increase industrial efficiency, flexibility and production unit yield.

The Quality, Safety and Environment teams are critical to our industrialstrategy as well as key to meeting our production needs.


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Manufacturing & Industrialisation
Site Production Manager, Cookware.


The last 25 years have flown by! Thanks to my own curiosity and regular promotions, I developed from product certification to a management role overseeing 2000 people, moving into international auditing before returning to college. Nowadays, I steer technical and human performance. Whether you have to manage gaps in output or improve strategy, it’s all about making the right decisions at the right time and making sure you always have the right resources. It’s both complex and fascinating. You need persistence, good people skills, a cool head and a strongconnection to the work we do day to day. For two years now, we’ve concentrated on supporting our employees as they take on increasing responsibilities and become more autonomous. And we’re making progress! At Groupe SEB there’s a uniquely entrepreneurial spirit based on evolution and teamwork.

If I had to sum up the Group in three words, I’d say: innovative, human, motivating. And if I had to give any advice, it would be: put a lot in to your work and the Group will give you a great deal back in return.