Values and management practices

Values and management practices

Founding values

An entrepreneurial drive, a passion for innovation, professionalism, group spirit and respect for people are the founding values that have always accompanied Groupe SEB’s development since its very beginning. Nowadays, they are shared all over the world and represented by our managers, in particular through shared management practices. Closely linked to its history, they symbolize the Group's commitment and its modernity.

Managers: key players

Managers play a decisive role in expressing Groupe SEB's values. They bring them to life in both important decision making processes and when steering their teams daily. That's why Groupe SEB has deployed its values as Management Practices, used as a shared reference for managerial development and performance, and as a Code of Ethics to guarantee that these values are respected in every decision made, every day. 

Groupe SEB's commitment

Groupe SEB has the full support of its shareholders for managing the development of its activities all over the world, with a focus on responsibility and sustainability. Its aim is to be a civic-minded company that does not sacrifice long-term social and environmental issues for short-term economic and financial imperatives.

The Group's human commitment and social and societal responsibility are clearly demonstrated :

In 2007, Groupe SEB created a corporate Foundation active in the fight against exclusion. This Foundation supports many projects helping the most disadvantaged find a way back into society through employment, housing, and education. 

In 2009, Groupe SEB involved over 150 managers from all its subsidiaries in rewording its founding values to clarify their meaning and share them with all its business units.

In 2012, wanting to ensure that its values were reflected by the commitments and behavior of all its employees in whichever country they are based, Groupe SEB produced its Code of Ethics, which was sent to all its subsidiaries and all the Group's business and institutional partners.


As part of its Sustainable Development policy, the Group has pledged support to several causes: product eco-design, eco-manufacturing in its factories, eco-logistics to reduce its carbon footprint, etc. In 2013, the Group revised the eco-design process of its products to increase their repairability and recyclability.

Lastly, in line with its Values, Groupe SEB seeks to ensure that its managers receive equivalent salaries for comparable responsibilities in all business units. The Groupe also offers competitive social and healthcare benefits, in relation to the local market, to all its employees.