innovation, nutrition and a culinary revelation

1.5kg of fries can be made with 1 spoonful of oil ! Several months after the Actifry launch – end of 2006 in France and Belgium – the news spread across the Internet, among nutritionists and health workers, at trade shows and among journalists. Cleverly orchestrated by Groupe SEB’s Marketing teams, the buzz spread like wildfire and sparked keen expectations for a highly innovative product, the flagship of the Nutritious and Delicious range. This range was created on the basis of the following finding : in light of rising problems relating to obesity and cardiovascular diseases, consumers realize the importance of healthy eating but do not want to sacrifice the pleasure of fine dining or struggle with complicated recipes. Hence the idea of offering products which combine the priorities of health, practicality and pleasure. A real groundbreaking innovation, Actifry satisfies these three requirements : 1.5kg of fries can be made with 1 spoonful of oil and a broad range of dishes can be produced using a simple recipe book.

The success experienced by French-made Actifry has gone global : 3 million units sold in 3 years, an ongoing international roll-out, awards in many countries, and the endorsement of doctors, nutritionists and leading chefs. Actifry has even become a case study in works on innovation management as it combines technological innovation – 10 years of research in association with universities, 4 patents – and marketing innovation.  This is reflected in the viral communication approach – the famous buzz – and in a product-based approach designed to offer a whole package of services. Thus in the fall of 2010, an application was developed for iPhones/Smartphones which enables you to choose a recipe, for example, and make the corresponding shopping list.

And this is only the beginning…

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