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At Groupe SEB, innovation is never-ending. Day after day, our Research & Development teams capitalize on their initiative and creativity to come up with products that are increasingly high-performing, practical and appealing.

Our Research teams comprise experts who specialise in a range of scientific disciplines, including induction, electronics, materials, heat science and food chemistry, as well as Explorers looking at new avenues of research like silence and nutrition/health. Passionate about the challenges they face, they design products that truly satisfy consumer needs in collaboration with our Strategic Marketing department and Designers. The prototypes they create then enter the development phase. 

Our Development teams get the product ready for mass production. Following tight specifications that cover quality, costs, deadlines and more, and working closely with stakeholders from areas like design and purchasing, the Project Managers coordinate the product development. As the number of our products grows, so our Project Managers are seeing their roles increase in scope and influence.

 Do you like to reinvent DAILY LIFE EVERY DAY ? Use our 150-year record of innovation to tailor-make a more inspirational career.

Research & Development
Innovation Project Manager within the Smart Systems Innovation Center.


You need to keep learning and be keen to share your knowledge with others. You need to know how to explain things in straightforward terms without oversimplifying, pay attention, understand marketing processes to a certain degree and be very persistent because the conversion rate is low! There’s a philosophical aspect to R&D; we want to understand everything and measure everything. Every subject is vast and there’s always more to be done. Pursuing a goal that’s outside our scope, that’s what’s really exciting. I also love working with all the different business units and countries. We work closely and we constantly talk through our ideas; we really are a global village. And that allows us to hit our target every time. For instance, tea isn’t the same in Japan or Russia or the US - and you need to know that before you start designing a phone-activated tea maker.

It’s not all about microprocessors and sensors. It’s about stimulating the senses – and that’s fascinating.