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Discover the Tefal-Unicef partnership

SEB Careers линия 21 05 2012

Since 2010, Tefal pledges its support for a a campaign to help undernourished children. Tefal is backing a new UNICEF nutrition program targeting children who are vulnerable or at high risk of contracting HIV.

The concept is to break the deadly cycle of illness and undernourishment. On the one hand, malnutrition reduces the body’s resistance, increasing the risk of contamination, particularly from HIV and, on the other, the body requires special food to help it fight infection. The program is being run in South Africa and India.
 To help financing this program, Tefal has designed a special “UNICEF” range of cooking utensils embellished with children’s smiles to illustrate the “make a child smile again” campaign. For every Tefal product purchased, €1 is donated to UNICEF. This is the cost of a daily portion of food.


A similar initiative launched in 2010-2011 in Madagascar already proved successful with consumers from more than 20 countries helping Tefal donate €500 000 to the program. The funds were used to combat malnutrition in the country (prevention, information, distribution of therapeutic food). With the 2011-2012 edition, Tefal has already collected €280,000 for UNICEF, which will be used to help vulnerable children exposed to HIV-Aids in India and South Africa.


You can support this initiative by visiting the  partnership website or the facebook fan page  

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