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Groupe SEB wins first prize at Open Innovation seminar

SEB Careers a 02 05 2012

Groupe SEB took part in the first Open Innovation Seminar at the EDHEC Business School on March 27th and 28th , 2012.

The seminar put 500 students to work in groups on subjects suggested by 12 companies. The students had 4 hours in which to come up with ideas, structure them and prepare a 4-minute presentation in English.

working session

 Groupe SEB had prepared two subjects related to the launch of an innovation:

  • Day 1: “Rowenta Derma Perfect - Launch a new pulsed light home depilation device”
  • Day 2:”Moulinex Cookeo - Launch a new intelligent cooker”

The topics relating to Groupe SEB products topped the ranking:

  • The 1st prize went to the group of students working on the Cookeo project (March 28)
  • The 2nd prize was awarded to students preparing the Derma Perfect launch (March 27)

Congratulations to all the participants and specially to the winners !

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