Attractive and motivating compensation

Attractive and motivating compensation

Groupe SEB is built on strong social foundations expressed in 1948 through the first profit-share plan with its French employees. In 1959, the Group set up the first share ownership scheme.

Nowadays, Groupe SEB's international social pact shared by all business units translates into precise and genuine commitments in terms of pay, social welfare and profit sharing :

Pay policy :

  • Competitive salary compared to the local market
  • A rise of the lowest salaries to well-above the legal minimum
  • Recognition of performance, expertise and commitment
  • Such a policy reflects Groupe SEB's desire to provide equal pay to all its managers of comparable responsibility

Social welfare policy :

Groupe SEB offers competitive social welfare benefits compared to the local market, guaranteeing a certain level of security for all its employees in terms of sickness, disability, old age and death, whilst encouraging cohesion and adherence to shared values.

 Profit sharing policy :

To strengthen its employees' sense of belonging, Groupe SEB associates them with value creation through profit-sharing and share ownership schemes.

As an example, in 2012 the Group wanted to associate its employees more closely with the corporate project by providing them access to capital through an Employee Share Ownership scheme in 30 countries and 19 languages (covering 97% of the Group's employees). 32% of employees invested in Group SEB shares with an average investment of €2,659.