An innovation dynamic influencing the everyday life

An innovation dynamic influencing the everyday life

A history infused with innovation

Since its creation, the Group has been a key player in everyday revolutions thanks to its innovative products that change the daily lives of consumers all over the world. Innovation has been an integral part of the Groupe SEB's DNA since its creation. The Group's history is marked by a succession of innovative products such as the Calor electric iron in 1917, the SEB pressure cooker in 1953, the electric coffee-maker in 1962, the Tefal waffle maker and sandwich toaster in 1974, Actifry in 2006, the soya milk maker in 2009, the cordless iron in 2012, the robot vacuum cleaner in 2013 and much more.

Resources to match our ambitions

The Group currently invests some €150 million every year in Innovation, with over 1,300 employees involved in innovation and around thirty R&D centres all over the world.

Its multi-format innovation thrives on technology, design and marketing with additional partnerships, and of course frequent studies of major consumer habits and trends. In 2012, the Group also created an investment fund, SEB Alliance, to enrich its own resources in new technologies and skills.

Groupe SEB markets over 250 new products every year and 60% of its turnover is generated by products less than 3 years old.

Our priorities for innovation

Groupe SEB’s current major directions for innovation are defined by the major changes in society such as the ageing population, fundamental trends such as sustainability or the search for well-being, health and beauty. These directions also feed current research projects, in particular energy sources and interactions between humans and machines.

The Group's ambitions in terms of innovation are to make day-to-day life easier and more appealing by offering consumers all over the world products and services that meet their needs, enable a healthier diet and contribute to an agreeable everyday life at home.