A rich business environment, real opportunities

A rich business environment, real opportunities


Groupe SEB offers a wide range of positions, both at the head office in France and in our international subsidiaries: Marketing, Sales, Communication, Design, Finance, Industry, Information Systems, Legal, Supply Chain Management, Research and Development, Human Resources.


The Group believes it is essential to maintain the vitality of its managers, the bearers of its values and its vision, and therefore sees international mobility as a corporate priority. Groupe SEB  offers many operational and international mobility opportunities, investing in developing the potential of talented employees who will, after an international career, hold key positions in the Group's management.


Every employee in Groupe SEB can view available jobs on the recruitment platform (available in 14 languages) and apply (professional profile and project) online.

A committee meets periodically to discuss vacant positions, mobility requests from employees and requirements in career construction. The Group also posts any open international positions on its internal e-recruitment site. In candidates of equal qualifications and experience, priority will be given to internal recruitment over external.


With over 25,000 employees in 60 countries, the Group has over 70 nationalities. Its managerial community federates over 2,500 managers all over the world and its business language is English.