A policy in favour of young people

A policy in favour of young people

Internships : a springboard to great things

Groupe SEB regularly recruits higher education students, entrusting them with projects and missions that genuinely contribute to the company's development. Missions with responsibilities, an international context, and an organisation recognised for its capacity for innovation and entrepreneurial values...there are so many ways for new recruits to express the best of themselves!

Interns benefit from an integration course with a presentation of the Group and its different positions, providing them with a better visibility of the possible career opportunities within the Group.

Interns are assessed at the end of their assignment, and their profiles can be considered at a later stage in case a job opening matches their profile. For soon-to-be graduated interns, the Group will consider their profiles as soon as their assignment begins, so as to consider their application for possible job openings at the end of their placement.

When considering similar quality candidates during a recruitment process, we give priority to those who have already worked on a placement or been an intern in the Group.

V.I.E. programme : a recruiting ground for future international managers

Groupe SEB welcomes young European graduates from business schools and universities through the V.I.E. international volunteer business programme. V.I.E. assignments available with the Group last from 12 to 24 months. They are genuine opportunities for launching an international career, acquiring expertise overseas within one of our subsidiaries and being in contact with the Group's different organisational levels. They represent an excellent platform to discover the Group and the different possible career opportunities.

The assignments require very good language skills, top qualifications and a desire to work in a multicultural world.

With the V.I.E. programme being a privileged resource by the group for pre-recruiting young talents, close to 70% of the volunteers are offered a job within the Group at the end of their assignment. Specifically in France, in order to complete the overseas experience acquired during the V.I.E. assignment with an experience in one of our business units or at corporate level.