Reward Ceremony

Asia Fan: "Best Employer in Ho Chi Minh City"

SEB Careers 20 08 2012

In June 2012th, Asia Fan ( Groupe SEB’s Brand in Vietnam) has been nominated as Best Employer by Ho Chi Minh City and its Labor Federation during the “2012 Workers’ Month”.

The ceremony

Asia Fan was one of the 134 firms shortlisted by the Chairman of the People’s Committee who also happens to be Ho Chi Minh City Mayor. These companies were selected because they have particularly strived to improve their employees’ living conditions.
 The City undertook to step up its monitoring of workers’ rights and best interests as well as to provide a choice of leisure and free time activities.
 The Labor Federation will provide relief to poor workers via a program of charity works and is to build 6 houses.

The best employer Diploma

In May, Labor Federation leaders met with local corporate managers in order to learn about their current situation and the difficulties they encounter. During the ceremony, federation leaders thanked the corporate representatives and unions for employee-friendly actions such as improving relations and adopting a more culturally open-minded approach. 

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